Michael Lee Live!

Riverhead Raceway

The crew preps for the next days events.

Early morning rains kept the crowds away the next day. Luckily blue skies broke through just as the show began.

Michael welcomes the crowd.

Michael gives last minute instructions to his driver before the escape attempt.

Members of the audience are invited onto the track to inspect the packing case, locks and chains.

Michael enters the packing case.

Michael is chained and shackled in the packing case.

Another view of the restraints.

Crew members nail the packing crate securely shut.

The crew further secures the crate by tying it with rope.

A paper framework box is used to cover the packing case as the flag drops.

Heading towards Michael is a racecar speeding at over 80 mph.
It's a death race!

Will Michael make it?!


Lying motionless, Michael's crew and EMS rush to his aid.

Michael is helped to his feet.

Michael acceps a great round of applause from the astonished audience.