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Renn Faire

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The purity and sincerity of Busking entertainment is really what appeals
to me.  Over 300 yrs ago Shakespeare said  "All the world's a stage"
More true than ol William could have ever imagined!
I believe busking to be in the truest sense the most essential depiction
of the Conjurer's Art.


Cups and Balls


Ren Faire


Ren Faire


Cups and Balls



Renn Faire


Fort Tryon renn Faire , NYC, USA

New York 1st Int'l Buskers Festival. NYC

Hudson Valley Mayfaire.  Hudsin Valley,NY

Windsor Buskers Festival, Ontario Canada

BayArea Renaissance Festival, Tampa Bay Florida

Festival of Fools , Burlington VT

Pirates in Paradise festival, Key West ,Florida

Harbour front Buskers Festival, Toronto Canada

Denver Street performers Festival, Denver Col.

Maryland Renn fair, Crownsville.MD

Halifax Int'l Buskers Festival, HFX, NS Canada

Utah Street Arts festival, Ogden Utah


Medieval & Rennaissance faire, Columbus  Ohio

Faire Oakes Tudor faire, Faire Oakes ,Calif

Northern California Renaissance faire, Hollister Calif.

BC Renaissance festival, Langly BC ,Canada

Louisiana Rennaissance faire.  Hammond, LA

King Richards Faire , Carver MA

Tokyo Street performers Festival, Tokyo Japan

1st Annual Magic Festival,  New York City ,NY USA

Goldengate Rennaissance Faire, San Fransisco USA

The Village Street Performers festival, Wrightstown, PA  

International Buskers Festival , Charlottetown PEI, NS

Derbyshire Rennaissance faire , Ravenna, Michigan